Ototrim has been producing sliding or casement-type frames for all kinds of land and sea vehicles for about 43 years in its two locations with a total closed area of ​​12,000m2, as well as painted or stainless grab rails and emergency exit hatches for these vehicles, and aluminum trim parts that can be used at many points. It is also compliant with quality standards such as IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

We use the @rgemas system in MES and MRP.

Stating that they have been operating in the automotive sub-industry for 42 years, Ototrim General Manager Nail Turan said, "We have been using the @rgemas system as MES and ERP software for about 18 years. We are extremely satisfied with the @rgemas system, which is operational in all our departments," he said.

We've had very serious conveniences.

Turan, who previously stated that they kept all processes on paper or in Excel, said, "We have now started to keep these on the system and, most importantly, to archive them. It's very fast in terms of instant and retrospective traceability. Pulling up this information and conducting checks and revisions has also provided us with great convenience," he said.

We gave each company a separate code.

Turan, expressing that they assigned a separate code to each company with the @rgemas system, said, "Therefore, these have saved us a lot of time in terms of quality processes, production processes, and retrospective traceability processes. When we track all these with barcode movements, we can provide information to customers and ourselves much faster about which product is in which process, when it entered, when it exited, or when it will exit," he said.

We can receive technical support 24/7.

Emphasizing that technical support and sustainability are the most important issues in all systems acquired, Turan said, "The biggest reason why we have been working together for so long is that we receive technical support from @rgemas. We can reach them 24/7 without exaggeration. Any special request of ours is fulfilled instantly and quickly. The main reason for our satisfaction with @rgemas is that this technical support is very fast and efficient," he said.


Şenol ATALAY - Information Technologies Manager

Suitable solutions for operations

Şenol Atalay, the Information Technologies Manager of Ototrim, expressed that Arge Bilişim offers solutions suitable to their operations. "Arge Bilişim focuses on providing us with flexible modules and solutions that are suitable for our operations rather than just selling commercial goods to our company. Since we started using @rge-CMAS, we have been able to track our production, products, and consumables in real-time, starting from purchase orders," he said.

Thank you for the support

Atalay emphasized that the software requests made by their team to Arge Bilişim have been fulfilled. He continued, "The effort and special attention they put into customizing @rgemas software to meet our needs were very meticulous. I thank them for their efforts."

With over 50 years of experience, APS Textile manufactures for some of Europe's important brands and is one of Turkey's significant companies in the textile export sector. APS Textile, headquartered in Istanbul, employs approximately 900 people. The monthly capacity at its production factory located in Merzifon is 600,000 units.

Kutlu ÇECELİ –APS Textile General Manager

Rectifying shortcomings is now easier

APS General Manager Kutlu Çeceli stated that with the establishment of the @rgemas system, they can now see all critical data related to production management instantly, and added, "This enables us to track and rectify shortcomings in production more easily in real-time."


Çeceli, who expressed that operators monitor their own performance instantly and that it also benefits them, said, "In fact, the system is exactly like a car's speedometer. Operators can see instantly that they accelerate when they press the gas and slow down when they release the gas. All data related to the line can be seen on the screens in the production area. These screens also appeal to the mental aspect of the employees."


It also challenges management

Çeceli, who stated that the @rgemas system also pressures factory management, continued as follows. "In other words, when an operator experiences performance decline due to reasons beyond their control, they communicate it to management with the help of the devices in front of them. Management immediately deals with the issue and resolves the problem."

All production businesses should definitely install @rgemas

Underlining that he recommends the @rgemas system to all garment manufacturing businesses, Çeceli said, "I believe it is a system that must definitely be installed."

Gulbebe Textile, which includes EMF Textile Confectionery Inc., is one of the important baby clothing companies producing in Bursa with its 150 employees. Gulbebe sends its products to many countries, both domestically and internationally, under the 'Baby Rose' brand.

Fatih Gürses - Gulbebe Textile Founder

@rgemas very positive in productivity improvement

Gürses, who expressed that the @rgemas system has visibly positive effects on productivity and organization since the first day they started working with it, said, "Continuous and beneficial developments can be achieved by adding new modules to the system."

Referring to the technical team, software, and consultants of Arge Bilişim, Gürses also stated, "Thanks to this information, they have become a guiding and idea-generating force for all companies in the field of production, forming a successful institution."

Our collaboration will be ongoing

Gürses said, "We cannot evaluate or improve what we cannot measure. This program establishes an easily applicable measurement mechanism in every aspect of production. So far, we have benefited greatly from the system and have not experienced any problems in implementation. Our collaboration with the friendly team of Arge Bilişim will be ongoing," he said.

Gülce Textile, located in Istanbul Arnavutköy, produces men's and women's trousers for top-class brands such as Massimo Dutti, Burberry, and Ripley. The company, which produces between 40,000 and 50,000 pieces per month, also exports its products.

Cemal Aysel - General Manager of Gülce Textile

30% increase in productivity and quality

"After starting to use @rgemas, there have been noticeable and distinguishable differences. There has been at least a 30% increase in both quality and productivity. I am a witness to what I have seen," said Cemal Aysel, General Manager of Gülce Textile, underlining the benefits of the @rgemas system, which stands as one of the best examples for medium-sized garment manufacturers using the system.

We can make quick and easy decisions with @rgemas.

Aysel, expressing that they achieve quick and easy decision-making with the @rgemas system, said, "The classic system and the new system are not in the same league. I don't know how to explain it, but we're not talking about the same thing."

We offer bonuses to our employees who work with the @rgemas system.

Aysel, explaining that they reward employees who exceed a certain level of efficiency and quality with bonuses, also said that this is an important factor in increasing productivity and quality.

We can provide accurate delivery dates to our customers.

Aysel, stating that they provide clear feedback to their customers regarding delivery dates, said, "You don't say 'maybe, however, but, nevertheless, now, like this, like that.' You speak clearly. You can say, 'By this time, we've completed 1500 units, 1300 units, 1200 units of work. By the evening, we can complete this many more.' The forecast is based on data, not just estimates."

I recommend @rgemas.

Aysel, expressing that @rgemas has added a lot to their vision, said, "I have been using @rgemas for 3 years, and I recommend it. If we want this sector to be feasible and sustainable, we must definitely be different. We must do things differently. We must definitely change something, get rid of yesterday's thinking. I recommend this to my colleagues who are entrepreneurs in this sector."

Uğur Textile, one of the largest exporters in the Mediterranean region, has an annual production capacity of 7 million. Uğur Textile primarily produces woven products for women's upper and lower groups, with its largest customer being Inditex. With production areas in the Adana Mersin free zone and factories covering 20,000 square meters in Urfa, Uğur Textile continues its production, employing 440 people.

Akın Şimşek - General Manager of Uğur Textile

Having been a professional manager in the textile sector for 32 years, Akın Şimşek expressed his reasons for choosing @rgemas: "Firstly, we looked for a company with a strong technological infrastructure. Secondly, it's about production philosophy. @rgemas is a production management system that I have been following for years. It's not just software; it has an important know-how of constantly updating the production management philosophy and transferring it to the software. We wanted to transfer this know-how as well."

@rgemas engineering software

Highlighting that they want to manage their factories through engineers, Şimşek emphasized another point: "@rgemas is an engineering software. And it provides our engineers with a very important tool."


Automatic line setup;

Şimşek underlined their excitement about @rgemas's automatic line setup module, assignment optimization, saying, "It's a work connected to artificial intelligence. Introducing a new concept that we hadn't thought much about before is very important for us. It was a module we set at the beginning of the project. I think it's a module that every business interested in @rgemas should take."

We recommend @rgemas

When asked if he would recommend @rgemas, experienced manager Şimşek expressed his thoughts with the words, "Of course, we have been recommending it for 30 years. And we will continue to do so."