Arge Bilisim



@rgeMAS is a real-time, rich reporting system that includes all modules of production management software. @rgeMAS includes , productivity measurement, OEE measurement, quality measurement, real-time production tracking, bonus systems, machine maintenance and repair, predictable maintenance, planning and cost modules. @rgeMAS ,works in real-time using ARGE Bilişim developed hardwares based on barcode and RFID. This way; real-time productivity measurement, real-time OEE measurement, real-time quality measurement, production tracking, bonus systems, machine maintenance and repair and predictable maintenance modules are also working in real time. @rgeMAS can be developed and shaped according to the needs and wishes of its customers with its consultant, hardware and software staff. @rgeMAS is an easy-to-use, user-friendly production management system.


@rgeMRP is a material-required planning software to set up tracking of all production processes from order to shipment. @rgeMRP includes very powerful model and material identification, pre-cost preparation, product tree, ordering, planning, purchasing, inventory management, shipment and cost modules. The order entry based on color-size matrix is situated in @rgeMRP and according to this order model the product tree identification module is very useful. @rgeMRP can be shaped by our consultant and software team according to customer needs. @rgeMRP is an easy-to-use, user-friendly software.

Data Collection Terminals

Arge Bilişim’s hardware development engineers develop production-specific data collection terminals for real-time data collection. The data collection terminals developed by Arge Bilişim are industrial and resistant to the production environment. The data collection terminals developed by Arge Bilişim include powerful wired and wireless communication protocols. Terminals can also communicate over long distances.


Arge Bilisim ,with its industrial engineers provides consultancy services for efficiency and quality improvement . Arge Bilişim is an expert in setting up engineers work and time study methods, engineering department installation, productivity -oriented layout drawing, traceable and measurable tape installation, bottleneck management, quality-oriented product production, productivity and quality measurement and bonus systems. Arge Bilişim works in many domestic and international projects with its staff of industrial engineers and greatly improves the efficiency and quality of its customers’ factories.