@rge Rover, has been developed by ARGE BILIŞIM engineers for collecting data from the factory operation stations in real time.

  • - - - It communicates with RF, it is wireless.
  • - - - It allows collecting RFID or barcode data.
  • - - - It has a lighting system indicating inefficiency, poor quality and line balance problems.
  • - - - Collects analog data like production machines current, voltage and vibration for predictive maintenance.
  • - - - Is has dijital Inputs for collecting data from production machines showing if it is in a working or not working situation.
  • - - - It has digital outputs allowing put on working or not working mode, from distance.
  • - - - Collects production poor quality data from production machines.
  • - - - Suitable for long distance communication, thanks to its talented communication protocols.
  • - - - @rge Rover comminication protocol isn’t Wi-Fi. In Wi-Fi communications, limited devices can communicate on the        same network, while hundreds of @ Range Rover can communicate on the same network thanks to its talented        protocol.