Enerji açısından baktığımızda Evren’de ve onun bir parçası olan Dünya’da sonsuz sayıda canlı ve cansız enerji dönüşüm sistemi vardır.

–>When we observe it in terms of energy, in the Universe and the world that is part of it,there is an infinite number of living and inanimate energy transformation systems .

Bu sistemler vasıtasıyla her an sonsuz sayıda enerji dönüşümü gerçekleşmektedir.

–>With these systems, an infinite number of energy conversions take place at any moment.

 Dönüşüm ile sistem, sisteme giren enerji(ler) (dönüşen enerji(ler)) ve sistemden çıkan enerji(ler) (dönüşülen enerji(ler) ifade ediyoruz.

–>We refer by system with transformation , the energy(s) entering the system (converted energy (s)) and energy(s) coming out of the system).

 Sistemi genel olarak aşağıdaki şekilde gösterebiliriz.

–>We can show the system in general as the following form.

              Figure 1: General representation of Energy transformation system

In Figure 1 the system shown is an energy conversion system.The productivity of the system;

Productivity=(output enegry/ Input energy) x 100

It can be calculated with the formula.

If we express this formula orally;What is the percentage % of the output energy converted from the input one? We say that productivity is the answer of this question.

Let’s see closely the productivity formula

1. Productivity is expressed as % . It means ,if we repeat it, it is the answer to the question of what percentage of the input energy has turned into the output energy.

2.In order to express productivity in %, the energy output from the denominator system and the energy units input the denominator system must be the same.

To understand the productivity concept easily let’s give an example;The electric lamp, which has an important place in all our lives, is a good example.

The electric lamp is a great system invented to convert electrical energy into light energy.

               Figure2: Electric to light energy transformation system (Lamp)

Normally, lamp productivity is expressed as the generated light energy equivalent of one watt of electrical energy expended.

Here we look at the light energy (lumen) obtained in this time interval in response to the electrical energy (watt) spent in a certain interval of time.

When we apply the productivity formula to the lamp system;

The lamp Productivity= is (Light energy/ Electric energy) x 100

We need to equalize the units so that we can express the production in % .

The electrical energy unit is watt and the light energy unit is lumen.

Lumen can be converted to watt by multiplying by a constant for the same system.

Briefly, we can calculate the lamp productivity by converting the lumen unit to the watt unit.

When finishing the article it is useful to write the following; The energy conversion system model we showed in Figure 1 and the lamp example in Figure 2,

Although it is used to understand the concept of productivity comfortably, it can cause another serious mistake.

By criticizing these impressions in the next article, we will suggest the correct model to prevent misunderstanding.

Hope for the family, love, friendship and business investments you have made to be efficient,for now goodbye.