@rgeMAS System by the Eyes of Work and Method Development Unit Manager

argemas üretim yönetim sistemi

Görkem Giyim Sezgin Temur (Work and Method Development Manager)

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello. I am Sezgin Temur, I have been working on productivity, performance and work study for 18 years.We have been maintaining this structure with our 6 engineer friends in the work and method unit at Görkem Giyim for 3 years.

You switched to the @rgeMAS system about 7 months ago. Can you compare before and after?

We researched before about @rgeMAS system. We have been researching to see what it could add to us. We saw that it has a rooted structure.We thought that the applied technology would increase us speed. Currently, it is already a walking factor in terms of textile and production speed.The faster you are, the more product you can make. When we saw this structure, we decided to buy it. We are currently implementing it.It has accelerated us in terms of technology. It added speed in terms of data collection. Our data has been created. Comparing to the past, we can keep retrospective data thanks to @rgeMAS.We can take instant action on problems. This also took us further in solving the problem of the day.

How did you follow before @rgeMAS as a production management, how do you follow up after @rgeMAS?

Before @rgeMAS, we were managing production more disconnectedly. We were trying to manage it with our own programs.Together with @rgeMAS we made it more compact and more integrative. We already have the program that @rgeMAS uses.It was important to be able to reach everywhere in the factory without any blind spots in any part of the factory, and to get accurate data from everywhere. We have achieved this and we are conducting it this way.

How do you track efficiency and performance?

We are currently using the bundle system. In the bundle system, we put all the parts that make up the product inside the bundle. And we identify it with a card.Each operator has @rge Rover devices. As people read their cards to these Rovers, the data drops instantly. Efficiency, performance, quality all at the same time, we can see all kinds of data without wasting time.We can see it from computers, Rovers and TVs. In other words, there is no such thing that takes 3-4 hours for the data to reach us. We can see the performance quality of the person we want instantly.

What are the advantages of getting instant data?

If you can get instant data, you can react instantly and be successful. The longer the problem persists, the greater the load on the factory or the producer.In order to eliminate this load, it is necessary to solve the problem immediately. To solve this problem, it is necessary to receive data instantly.Right measurement means right time.Thanks to @rgeMAS, we started to earn them.When there is a problem, we can see it instantly or in the form of reporting: e-mails are sent to the experts and assistants.Production managers, engineers can instantly see hour by hour. If there is a problem, it is immediately solved or measures are taken to solve it.

How do you track lost times?

We have defined the types of lost time. The operator enters these codes. For example, if there is machine maintenance, he enters the code and this notification falls to the machine maintenance section.He can also see the mechanical part from the TV screens. They also fix the machine without wasting time or, if the job is waiting, they have the ‘job waiting barcode’ scanned.In other words, if there is a waiting situation, the operator can define them by entering the defined codes. We react according to it.

How do you track the quantity?

We can instantly follow efficiency performance quantity with datas.

How do you track the process, end of line and final control?

We follow the process control with hand terminals. We have about 10 process controllers. We can see the errors that come out as a result of their checks on our screens.According to those datas, production managers or supervisors get reactions. At the end of the line, we have tablet devices that we call Hypatia. They have their own breakdown according to the model.We can see how many errors and how many maintenances are in each model during the day. Since we can see it instantly on the screens, we get a reaction by warning the maintenance distributors or the concerned expert operator.

How do you ensure product traceability?

We also use the 2D barcode application at @rgeMAS. The 2D barcode is attached to every product. Even if any product is in the package, we can follow it and see where there is an error in which product. Thanks to RFID cards and 2D barcode, we can easily supply the product.

Which methods do you use to increase productivity? Do you do Kaizen studies?

In fact, we started to make the engineering part of the work a little more effective with the consultancy we received from @rgeMAS.By working as a team with all of our friends, we get instant reactions in finding and solving problems. We are working on the model before we enter the model. It’s like training before a game.We also take precautions such as where we can earn, how we can reduce our lost times, how we can reduce the duration of the operation by doing the preliminary study of the product. We do this as a team.

You have received many trainings during the consultancy. What did these trainings add to you?

It changed our perspective a little bit. How can we look at things from an engineering point of view. How can we evaluate data quickly.Production means speed and speed is one of the greatest values we receive from the training and consultancy received from @rgeMAS. Along with technology of course.

Would you recommend @rgeMAS?

Let me explain like this. Which company wants to manufacture in Turkey, this is not just for textiles.

Companies have to work fast and they have to get fast data to work fast. @rgeMAS achieves this too. In other words, it achieves this in terms of consultancy and technology provided. That’s why I recommend it.

Is there anything you want to add?

It was prepared by @rgeMAS with a lot of effort. Assistance is also provided in the setup of the system, and this help goes all the way to the end. Thanks to everyone who made effort in @rgeMAS.