Project Success Story Gülce Tekstil @rgeMAS MES (Production Management System)

Hello, can you briefly introduce yourself and your company?

Hello, My name is Cemal Aysel , Gülce Tekstil is a family company. We started in 2008 and we still continue.

Can you tell us a little about your company itinerary ? How did you set up this company?

We actually made a difficult decision. We found courage in ourselves during the 2008 crisis and we built it despite that crisis. We really struggled, so i can say we worked day and night. From that day to this,  we have come to these days. We are very satisfied.

Who are your customers?

We worked with Akın Tekstil for a long time. We work with Apriva, Domino, Cross, Mavi, Denim Village, Aközbekler. We produced Massimo Dutti with Akın Tekstil. I can say that we have produced continuously for five years. We mainly work with Appriva and Zara Women.We also worked with Aközbekler, Zara. We worked with Denim Village, Burberry, Meltin Pot, Ripley, Diesel. In general, I can say that we have produced for top class brands since we started. We are currently working with Zara women.

What is your monthly production capacity?

This may vary by model. We are in the subgroup women’s classic, men’s classic, men’s chino, women’s filato chino pants.Obviously, we’re working a little functionally. We do not choose jobs in our companies. Here, we try to use our product preference only in terms of quantity. We produce between 40 thousand and 50 thousand on average.

You bought the @rgeMAS system about 3 years ago. Why did you make such an investment? Why did you choose such a system? What did you aim for?

Frankly, I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was 2013-2016. The minimum wage had risen sharply.The sector was losing productive personnel with each passing time. We set out with the idea that the best way to do this job is the existing personnel, and how we can make our employees more productive.And most importantly, we wanted to give minimum wage to two friends working for the same wage and reward the fact that one of them performs less than the other or the other performs more. We did not want to cause a loss of rights here.Therefore, we really wanted to give the labor of the worker to the worker. We embarked on such an itinerary by thinking that we can do this with a bonus system, but that bonus system should also be manageable, and that there should be a system where we can provide the right and justice while giving the bonus. That’s how we decided.

You are currently using the @rgeMAS system for production management. Can you explain a little bit about what kind of system this system is?

@rgeMAS is a very useful and necessary system in terms of production planning. In life, the better and more accurately you plan,everything normally progresses and flows correctly.Confection is a field that needs to be worked with many employees. It is a labor-intensive industry. Therefore, planning is very important.@rgeMAS makes a huge contribution to our planning here. And it helps us a lot to manage the staff correctly and manage the job correctly.

What kind of reports do you get? How do you use these reports?

We can say that; most importantly, we get a productivity report. Both operational efficiency and personnel efficiency.

We receive operation studies and reports. When we start a new product, if there is an operation that we have not measured before, we measure it.While we are planning a product that we have just started, we are planning how many times we can produce this product in a day, with how many personnel, in how many minutes. And we have the opportunity to clearly tell the customer in which interval we can raise the deadline.

How did receiving these reports affect the decision-making processes for you, the managers?

We can say that, it is easier than before to eliminate problems.It is easy because; You see what the problem is, what is not finished.In our previous layout works in classical layout we used to enter our quantities according to the fabric cutting quantities. Like 100, 120, 150.But now that we have entered our products in the 20-by-20 bundle system, it is easier to fix the delays and to balance the line. Because when you look, you can see everything.

“You just mentioned the Bundle system”. You know both the individual process and the bundle system. Can you explain this a little bit? What are the advantages? Why do you prefer the bundle system?

Namely; I also tell my confreres colleagues, and those who want to visit when they come. The situation is, the old layout was a bit complicated. In our current arrangement, we work with a bundle car in the bundle system.Our business suits it. Everything is very positive, if you can see and notice. Therefore, there is a huge difference between the classical layout and the current layout. You have to be involved in the layout to realize and understand this.There is actually a difference more than what I was describing. Because the labor, porter and transportation in the previous time was much more. Here you do not carry the work, the system does. It becomes mandatory. So the work has to go one step further. That’s why the difference is so clear.

Compared to the old system, what are the advantages of @rgeMAS especially in the model change?

Previously, we were producing in the form of front, rear and assembly. Now we start production under five different headings as part preparation, belt preparation, preliminary preparation, back preparation and assembly. When the new product arrives, we have the chance to start directly when the previous product is finished.Because we divided our products into 5 and crated them. We have classified and know who will do what. So we start quickly. This way, less time is wasted.Because departments have been separated, jobs have been separated, planning has been made,personnel has been assigned, personnel planning has been created, time studies have been done. Therefore, how many personnel are needed, how many operators are needed, which machine is needed, we can start production directly because we know and plan this in advance.

If you compare @rgeMas with the old system in model transitions, do you lose time?

It’s not like it used to be in the past. There is a big difference, I can say there is a difference of half. Because the moment you start the system, it already starts tracking and recording, it starts archiving.We could have completely eliminated the problems in the old system on the 2nd and 3rd day, but now we get faster results as we start by balancing the line and act accordingly because we know that we have to go.Both in terms of quality and quantity. We get faster results in terms of efficiency.

How did the time you evaluate in terms of deadlines affect your planning?

Our planning becomes clearer, more accurate, and even the closest results. There may be a few hours of trouble here. Other than that, it’s very predictable. Let me say this; You have produced half or 3/2 of the day. On that day, the number of production, the number of operations, the number of operation personnel you produced for that minute are certain.

You know 95% of what you will produce in the remaining 3\1 partition. In other words, let’s say at 3:00 in the evening, you made 1200 production, when you are about to stop at 18:30 in the evening, or you know and predict how many productions you will make in that time zone.Therefore, there is a weak possibility that we are wrong in the promises we have given to our companies in terms of deadlines. This is a great advantage. Because there may be a washing process after us. It can be an ironing package process. At the same time, we do not mislead the firms in the operations here. In this sense, it is very beneficial for us. And actually, there’s this. The system is archiving. In other words, you can access everything you have saved in the past. Maybe I skipped saying that. This area is very important. You can look back and see what you did 3 months, 5 months, 1 year ago. When the operations were the usual ones, you don’t think about who did this operation, how he did it, why he did it. Because when you ask the system, there is a record of who did this operation in the system.

It gives you the information of how much time you do and how much you do in a day. It also provides you great benefits in terms of archive, knowing your personnel, and remembering the operation. This also means we save time. Since you know who is doing the operation when starting a new product, you give the operations to that person. Therefore, time losses such as re-describing the operation are eliminated. This also increases efficiency.

Can you compare before and after @rgeMAS? Which of your habits, especially as a manager, have changed?

Let me say it this way, it was very classic in the pre-management before @rgeMAS. You give the job at the beginning of the line and the job progresses somehow. It would be evening and you would collect it or see it at the end of the day. But with @rgeMAS there is instant data. Moreover, in the bundle system, since we work with bundle cars of 20, you can quickly see a negativity in the line.It allows make you take quick decisions, make easy decisions, and make the changes you need to make in operations faster. If we compare in this sense, the difference is huge. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s not the same lane. We are not talking about the same thing. With the classic layout, the point here is very different.

Would you have guessed this situation? So you know every aspect of production. You know all kinds of both sewing and machine. Would you expect a system to come along and make such a difference when you use it correctly?

We hold meetings with my experts from time to time during the day. The more regularly and well we use the system, the more comfortable we are. We are comfortable with physical strength. Because the system forces the flow of work. It forces to progress.We are only responsible for solving the problems that occur. Otherwise, we were always busy giving jobs to someone, changing someone’s place, and carrying jobs to someone. But now we are observing. We follow, we follow our quality. We follow our efficiencies. And we analyze the result more healthily.

Before @rgeMAS you were using counters to track your production. And you gave up on this system. What was this system like and why did you give up? Can you explain a little bit?

Before we met @rgeMAS, we were in search for 2 years. We were constantly talking, researching. For what we can do. At that time, the counters were new. We conveyed to a friend of ours that we requested the counters and that we even had ideas for him, how the counters should work and that we had ideas.We used it for a time. I don’t remember exactly how much we used it. After a certain time, we saw that the counters did not reflect the truth. Surely, we can measure the size of it by using the glitches here. At first we didn’t think something like this could happen. They did not give us accurate reports in their feedback and reports.We did not get the result we wanted. In terms of personnel, we couldn’t get it. In terms of business, we did not get it. Also, we could not confirm in terms of verification. We could not say that this is exactly the case. Therefore, we decided that it would be right to give up or even to give up quickly. I think we went through a very rapid change.

So, are you suspicious of the data you get from @rgeMAS?

We certainly do not suspect. Because we follow it day by day. We follow moment to moment and the system validates itself. How does it confirm? We cut 2 thousand products. We started, we finished, and at the end, the system reveals that 2 thousand units of production are finished.You see that you are not mistaken there. Whereas; Since we work in bundles of 20 -20, when you get the data from the system, it takes a very short time to confirm the data when you enter production. You can instantly confirm that you are in the right point.And the biggest advantage of this is that; when you reply to the other party, means your customer; I wonder, but, now, you don’t say this or that. You speak clearly. Up to this hour the work is 1500 pieces, 1300 pieces, 1200 pieces.You can say that it can go out until the evening. Prediction here is based on data, not estimation. In other words, at what point do your data in 3/2 of the day, it reflects it in the remaining 3/1 of the day and you get the right result.

How has your productivity and quality changed after the @rgeMAS system?

I say this very clearly. There were visible and distinguishable differences. Both in quality and efficiency. Because efficiency in quality is not the feeling of being followed, but literally everyone sees it. The personnel was also aware that they were being followed.Everyone is aware that the quality is also followed, and that it is followed instantly in its production. In this sense, I can say that both productivity and quality are in every business. Especially for those who believe. At least 30% will see the difference. I witnessed what I saw.Sorry, there’s something else. Here, you can easily determine in which region, in which operation, at which point the malfunction or mistake is located. Therefore, since it is useful for you to solve the problem at that moment, your efficiency and quality automatically increase.Your time loss in disruptions is greatly reduced. Because when you go, you go by solving the problem in the problemly area. You’re leaving already solved. Therefore, this saves you time.

There is also a bonus in our system. We give a weekly bonus to our personnel. Monday start, Friday end. If we work on Saturday, we include Saturday. Of course, bonus is a factor in efficiency here. We have a normal target, and we have a bonus point above our target.Our working personnel doesnt only make an effort not to fall under this efficiency, but also pay attention to quality as they will make up for their own mistakes that may occur during production, and because they dont want to waste time there. This is also a big factor.

You received technical and consultancy support from @rgeMAS, were you satisfied with it?

We are satisfied. We found @rgeMAS in two years. It was worth what we were looking for. I say this very sincerely. We are in the labor-intensive sector in the garment industry, I say this because I make ready-made garments, but in enterprises with labor-intensive production in general, a follow-up and control mechanism must be established.Especially increasing costs, I do not mean increasing costs in every sense only in terms of labor. The better you can use your time, the more you will survive in a time when it goes up very quickly, when time is very, very precious.And you will be in such a sustainable state.For this, with pen, paper, writing, keeping in mind, things like that, I don’t know, but it’s very difficult when technology has reached this point. Whereas;It is not convincing to follow this with pen, individuals and employees.While the manager sees his own movement, his own efficiency and quality in the system, he sees it himself.The personnel itself can also follow very well anyway. Where was it yesterday, where is it today. Where was the bonus point yesterday, where is it today. He even compares the quality of yesterday with the quality of today. And he’s also comparing himself.

This is how bonus, efficiency and quality are formed. And this is how we get to the conclusion.

Would you recommend @rgeMAS?

I do, I do. I really tell my friends who come. Even though I’m telling you this, for myself, it’s like this: we, with @rgeMAS, have really, really made progress in terms of vision. The manufacturing companies that see our business, the responsibles  of the manufacturing companies really like our business.We like it too. In this sense, @rgeMAS really added a vision to us. It made a difference. It kept us searching. In fact, it continues to push. Therefore, we all need innovation.In this sense, I advise my friends that we should really forget about yesterday and that we should pursue something new today.I also recommend @rgeMAS. Because I am using it.I’ve been using it for 3 years. I continue to use it. Hopefully I will have branches in the future.I will continue to use it God willing .

Is there anything else you want to add?

I want to say this for myself. If we want this sector to be feasible and sustainable, we must be different. We must do it differently, we must change something. So we have to get rid of yesterday’s thinking.I recommend it to my business friends who are doing this job in this sector. We can expect the same from @rgeMAS. This system is the driving force of us for better, better, better. We need this.Because we are very tired with costs and we cannot reach the points we want. We hope @rgeMAS will support us in this regard, and frankly, we expect the continuation of the support.

Thank you very much

You are welcome.