Alders Tekstil @rgeMAS MES (Production Management System) Project Success Story

Could you briefly introduce your company and yourself?

Hello, I am Melih Ayan, General Coordinator of Albrander, newly established within Alders Tekstil company.Alders Tekstil was established in 2002 and serves global ready-made clothing companies.In its own in-house production in 3 different locations,a company that employs a total of 800 people in these locations.We also have contract manufacturing. In total, we manage a capacity of 800 thousand units per month.

What are your views on production management? How do you think production management should be?

Increasing competition and increasing costs in production management, and the increase in global competition have made necessary for us to be more careful and to create a more efficient production management system.And therefore, it has become very important for us to collect better data and interpret this data better needed for industry 4.0 applications. I think  this will become even more important for production management in the next period and that there are issues that need attention and companies that pay attention to these will be ahead of the race.

How many years have you been using @rgeMAS? Can you give some information about this system? What reports does it provide you? How do you collect data?

We have been using the @rgeMAS system for 3 years. This system is a system that allows us to follow every process of production in terms of both efficiency and quality, and also allows us to take action instantly.We can identify where there is a problem, not at the end of the evening nor at the end of the week, but at that moment and we can develop solutions accordingly. At the same time, we started to create a system that allows us to share this responsibility and transfer it to people, and a production infrastructure that every operator starts to own.Therefore, our employees started to take ownership of the product more in terms of both quality and efficiency and strive for more. And in this sense, we are very pleased to work with @rgeMAS.

In which departments do you use it?

We are using the @rgeMAS system in cutting from this moment, sewing, finish and quality control departments.

You collect all data from your employees such as efficiency, quality, lost time. What kind of management convenience does having data in your hands provide? How does it affect your decision-making process, especially as a manager?

The fact that such data can be collected has accelerated our decision-making processes. We can take action much faster and identify our missing points.

It has become a method that not only increases the awareness for us but also the employees themselves. The employee can identify his/her deficiencies by seeing his/her own quality ratio, his/her performance and therefore his/her report card.Our experts can carry out improvement activities by detecting the deficiencies of our employees and the points where they made mistakes. At the same time, we can make faster line installations by determining which operator is more successful in which operator with the data we get from there while making line installations. It gave us such flexibility.Our experts can carry out improvement activities by detecting the deficiencies of our employees and the points where they made mistakes. At the same time, we can make faster line installations by determining which operator is more successful in which operator with the data we get from there while making line installations. It gave us such flexibility.

Also, you use bundle system in your production, different from classical methods. Can you give some information about this too? What are the advantages?

Frankly, our employees had some anxieties during the transition from the classical system to the bundle system. There were concerns. However, thanks to the consultancy we received from Arge Bilişim company, this process progressed very easily and after that, we started to get used to the comfort of it as a company. What is the convenience of the system? Having a bundle system.Having an intermediate stock ensures that production can continue at the point where there is a problem in any process, since there is an intermediate stock. So we don’t get stuck there and we have at least some time to solve that problem.There may be a machine breakdown, there may be any process error, there may be an incorrectly processed product. In addition, we can give 2 jobs to 3 jobs to an operator more flexible. In the classical system, this was a little more difficult, but in the bundle system, our operators can use 2 or 3 machines at the same time. This provides flexibility in terms of planning and we can set the line balance much more efficiently.

So, how have productivity and quality changed after you started using @rgeMAS?

I can say that there has been a productivity increase of about 35% in terms of efficiency. The effects of this are an increase in a person’s awareness.To follow their own quantity done and quality ratio. A second benefit is that thanks to the bonus system, as the company earns, it gives a share to the employees and it starts to have a positive effect on the employees financially.3. Since we can better determine the capabilities of the employees, we will make more accurate decisions in line installation and we will make this better by adapting the new module ‘assignment optimization system’, which is also a new module from Arge Bilişim.With the work we will do together.And a little more artificial intelligence, one of the most important items of our age, artificial intelligence, we will be able to make even better decisions.

Are you talking about the automation optimization system?

Yes by starting to use the assignment optimization system.

Can you unpack this a little more? How is it going to be? How will this system do?

The datas we receive from our employees are already registered in our system.Therefore, which operator provided the most accurate quality and the most accurate efficiency in which operation, we can access this data. But we are interpreting it ourselves now.In the module newly developed by Arge Bilişim, artificial intelligence will interpret and offer us a pre-prepared line plan proposal.In the module newly developed by Arge Bilişim, artificial intelligence will interpret and offer us a pre-prepared line plan proposal.We will only be starting to use this line system by adding our human comments, whether it is suitable for the necessary optimization here or not.

What is your quality control and assurance system like? What do your customers think about our quality control and assurance system?

One of the most important points of Arge Bilişim’s @rgeMAS program is the quality control system.

The quality can be traced and the quality of each operator can be traced. Because if you only go through a performance system, yes, you may reach the number, but if you cannot follow the increase in repair rates and second quality rates, this efficiency will start to return to the enterprise as inefficiency.However, in the system we have used, we can track the quality of the products and collect this exact data.We can detect which operator made a mistake on which product and when. These data are shared with our experts. The data collected by our process controllers in the electronic environment is shared with our experts and if there is an error in any process, its correction is made immediately.And the expectations of the customers we work with are in this direction. Now they prefer to work with companies that can control the quality of the companies rather than those that control the quality. And they brought us to this structure. It was really difficult to follow this manually. But it has become much easier with electronic systems.

Can you get technical support from Arge Bilişim?

Yes, we can get technical support from Arge Bilişim company, either via remote connection or on-site intervention.Apart from this, we can contact them directly when we have different report needs from time to time, whether it is the demands of our customers or when there are different reports that we want to see as the management, and they can provide us with a quick feedback on the reports.


You also give a bonus to the operators whose efficiency and quality you measure. How did you set up this bonus system, how do you give it?

The bonus system was a system that our chairman of the board of directors, Ahmet Fuat Türkmen, wanted very much.He always said that when winning, I want a system that I can share with my employees.But it was not a very correct system to do this with our own calculations, i mean without a fair measurement system. Thanks to the @rgeMAS system, we can now measure everyone fairly.We can measure both in terms of efficiency and quality. Therefore,we have made it a system that we can share with our employees when our business gains.

How do you ensure product traceability with the @rgeMAS system?

After following the product traceability with the bundle system in production operations, we switch to the tracking system with QR CODE in the quality control system.In the ironing and quality control system. Therefore, each product has an ID. It has got a barcode.Thanks to this barcode, we become able to trace the product even after the final buyer receives the product after it has gone abroad.There is a problem with the product, for example, there is a problem with the collar closure and it was returned to the store.Thanks to the QR CODE when it is delivered to us, we can detect which operator made that mistake.We provide information and feedback to our operator on this issue. We prevent the repetition of mistakes.

Can you share your experiences about industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing based on your experience?

In fact, as I just mentioned, the requirement of industry 4.0 is no longer a decision for us to make. Now the world has taken this decision.We have to comply this decision. And the faster we adapt to technology, the better we will be in the race. Therefore, we should not be left behind in this race. We need to act immediately.

You were looking for a system for your factory. You have examined many systems as far as we know. Finally, you preferred Arge Bilişim’s @rgeMAS system. What influenced your decision while choosing this?

As you know, there are many methods you use in the confection industry. We have examined them in detail. Together with our teams, we made evaluations to the senior management.

As a result of our research, the most reliable system in terms of data collection was the system of @rgeMAS. But besides this, Arge Bilişim is not just a company that sells a system, it is a guiding company that provides consultancy.And it’s a bumpy and difficult road. Indeed, this is a system and a culture change that both senior management must believe in. In addition, it is a cultural change that everyone in the business believes and must follow.Therefore, the opportunity to benefit from previous experiences was very attractive to us. It would have been a much easier and faster system change to proceed on the path shown by Arge Bilişim, instead of learning them all over again by living. That’s why we set out with Arge Bilişim.

Would you recommend @rgeMAS?

For sure. I recommend the @rgeMAS system to everyone. In our geography where competition, customer demands and costs are increasing day by day, it is no longer possible to manage companies with the old classical methods.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Our country has been one of the leading countries in the textile industry until today.I am sure that from now on, it will be one of the leading countries in the industry 4.0 applications that the textile industry needs.We think that we will be at the forefront of the sector and global competition together with competitive companies like you.